As a CFNL member you are fully expected to read and understand our rules.

RULE #1: Know the rules.

Show up early…Stay late.

Respect the athletes & listen to the coaches.

Respect is earned not given.

Grunting, crying, sweating, and puking is allowed. QUITTING OR CHEATING IS NOT!

Quitting is not an option…scaling is.

Always give 100% of what you have to give.

Know your limits. Scaling is being smart not weak.

Don’t ignore injuries.

Be responsible for your actions. Use your head and ask for help.

“I CAN’T”= 5 Burpees (don’t doubt yourself)

Show up regularly, work hard every time, or stay home.

If you show up late 50 burpees is a good way to warm up.

If you appear over trained or under the weather the coaching staff reserves the right to send you home.

Train your weaknesses.

Leave your ego at the door. There is always someone out there bigger, faster, and stronger than you.

There is no dress code…wear deodorant.

Clean up your mess.

Respect the equipment:

  • Do not drop an empty bar
  • Do not drop a bar with 10’s
  • Do not sit on the medicine balls or bars
  • Chalk your hands in the bucket
  • Return the equipment after use
  • Be an active part of our community.

Cheer, clap, and encourage others. Anything less is to cheat yourself of the experience and to rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of the community.

Children are not allowed anywhere near the work out floor or equipment unless they have completed a CFNL kids program.

Introduce yourself to new faces. If you have a problem with this one you are probably in the wrong gym.