Crossfit Northern Limits – Brute Fitness

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Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

5 minute amrap:

5 KB DL (53/35)

5 KB Squat Clean

5 KB Clean and Jerk

2 minute rest

4 minute amrap:

4 SB Lunges (60/40)

4 SB Sumo Deadlift Hi Pull

4 SB Push press

2 minute rest

3 minute amrap:

Max Rep Wall Balls (20/14)

2 minute rest

2 minute amrap:

Max Burpee Pull ups

2 minute rest

1 minute amrap:

max cals any machine (echo preferably)
Each amrap is its own round. 2 minutes of rest in between each amrap. Score is total reps completed in the workout.