Kids Program

We are currently revising and restructuring our kids program and hope to have classes up and running soon!

Ages 2-4

These little athletes are READY TO LEARN! For some, it may be their first interaction with a “teacher” and it is our mission to make it a fun one. In this class your child will learn to follow simple instructions and develop the skills they need to listen to a teacher. We will run, jump, climb, spin and tumble and begin to incorporate weights in an age-appropriate fashion.

Ages 5-7

Our classes are ACTION PACKED! In 45 minutes your child will learn some very important life skills like listening to a teacher, following directions and body awareness. Each class is very well thought out and we plan high energy, really fun workouts (which we call “games”!) Your little athletes will have so much fun they won’t want to leave after class.

Ages 8-12

Our program will teach your child general physical fitness by developing skills like balance, coordination, agility, speed, strength, stamina, flexibility, mobility, and power.
These classes are very well thought out, incorporate age-appropriate challenges and we even designate a time at the end of class for fun and games.

Ages 13+

By age 13 kids are usually ready for a challenge and want to do the “real” workouts. For this reason we allow teens in our regular CrossFit classes as long as they have completed our Introductuin to Fitness program and the coach thinks they are ready!