Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the foundation of any fitness journey. When we eat right we look good, feel good and perform better. Whether you’re just starting or simply need help fine tuning, Coach & Owner Mykala Smith is ready to help you dial in your nutrition.

Find out what your macros should be and chat with a real, live person. You’ll get a customized macro profile based on your goals, current workout routine, and body composition.

$30 Per Session

My 12 best meal plans ever written! You’ll get one new plan each week. This gives you 36 meals and 12 snacks that are all well balanced and perfectly portioned. Plans include meal prep instructions and a shopping list.


Stay on track with weekly reminders and monthly check ins plus access to valuable tools like body stat charts, progress picture comparisons and body composition testing 1x per month.

$12 Per Month

12 weeks of CUSTOM meal plans.You’ll get my 12 BEST meal plans fully customized to you and your goals. This plan includes weekly online check ins, accountability and helpful tips and tricks for success.